Hirohiko Sato
Cyber Creative Institute Co., Ltd.
Established April 2 2007
Revised February 21 2019

Cyber Creative Institute (hereinafter CCI) is committed to providing our clients with our high intellectual value-added solutions on ICT as a good group of engineers with expertise. CCI believes it is our social responsibility to protect the worthwhile information property accumulated by our clients and us against any type of threat through our highly reliable information security management scheme. CCI declares to carry out the following measures to undertake above responsibility.

・CCI shall promote organizational information security measures based on its risk analysis for the information property relating to all kind of corporate operations against disasters, accidents and crimes.

・CCI shall provide all of its personnel with comprehensive education in information security, thereby ensuring that all employees conduct business activities with sufficient information security literacy.

・CCI shall respect your privacy and CCI is committed to complying with the legislation that protects your personal information against the loss, misuse and unauthorized use.

・CCI shall continually improve our procedures to maintain information security in response to any change, and we strive to improve security measures in concert with our clients.