Docomo is the world’s No. 1 carrier in 5G essential patents

Cyber Creative Institute, which has a long track record of evaluating the standard essentiality of 4G and 5G SEP(standard essential patents), has published a “Survey Report on 5G Essential Patents , Declared 5G-SEPs and 5G Standardization Contributions For 5G-Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) (Second Version)” on January 14, 2020. Announced the start of sales. (Excerpts is Hear)

Survey reports are published in many media.

According to the survey report, the top three applications for 5G essential patents (5G-EP) are Qualcomm (11.4%), Huawei (11.1%), and Samsung (9.2%). Among Japanese companies, NTT DOCOMO ranks sixth with 5.7%, while Japanese companies rank first.

In addition, NTT DOCOMO is ranked number one in the world when viewed from a career perspective.

5G-EP is extracted by the following procedure.

First, 15 types of 5G element technologies are extracted as patents to be searched based on a patent search formula. There were about 44,000 patents to be searched. Next, experts in this technical field will select patents that are targeted for the 5G main technology category (50 items) and that solve technical issues unique to 5G. The remaining patent is 5G-EP. It is about 15,000. The 5G-EP extracted under these conditions includes not only 5G-SEP but also patents for implementing 5G systems and services, and patents for differentiation, so 5G-EP is realized. The most important group of patents for. Against this background, the 5G essential patent (5G-EP) is named.

The Declared 5G-SEPs (D-5G-SEP) published by ETSI is a patent declared by each company on its own judgment. Not necessarily 5G-SEP. In fact, in this survey, 5G-SEP declaration patents included many declaration patents for 4G standards.

On the other hand, 5G-EP are patents that are deemed necessary for the realization of 5G, so they are useful information from the viewpoint of analyzing the degree of focus on 5G technology development.

In addition, we believe that patents that are mandatory for 5G and have been declared 5G-SEP are likely to be true 5G-SEPs. In addition, the use of information on D-5G-SEP, 5G-EP and the patents to be searched based on them may significantly improve the efficiency of the evaluation of the essentiality of individual patents.

From this perspective, the report defines and analyzes 5G-SEP promising patents(5G-SEP PP).

By the way, the number of 5G-SEP PP is about 4,000.







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