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26/October/2010 CCI (Cyber Creative Institute) has been awarded a undertaking contract on
investigation from the NICT (National Institute of Information and
Communications Technology) through the public procurement open tendering
The investigation is in the field of Smart Grid which is expected to be
highly growing in the future, and it focuses on the trend of international
standardization especially from ICT’s viewpoint.
The investigation will run until next March through several steps, and the
result will contribute to the researches and standardization activities in
30/June/2010 “Voluntary and creative research” pages have been newly tacked. The pages give abstracts of the research papers written by engineers of Cyber Creative Institute. Some papers may be found its full texts of them on the pages.
18/June/2010 Cyber Creative Institute presented a new delay measurement methodology for streaming services such as voice and video at 11th International Conference, High Performance Switching and Routing (HPSR) 2010 held in Dallas, US.
15/June/2010 Cyber Creative Institute released a bulletin report regarding ICT and climate change titled “A Future Prospect of Green House Gas Reduction by Telecommuting”.
This position paper is a deliverlable from voluntary research and investigation activities by CCI members.
4/December/2009 Cyber Creative Institute has been awarded a contract with National Institute of information and Communication Technology (NICT) to investigate and benchmark Research and Development strategies on ICT of national insitutes in Japan, EU and US.
26/October/2009 Cyber Creative Institute has been awarded a contract with National Insitite of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) to investigate the international standardization status in the strategic technological fields in ICT.
17/August/2009 Cyber Creative Institute has been awarded a contract with Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan to investigate the international standardization status in the strategic technological fields in ICT.
13/July/2009 The Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ) decided to give a highest award to the paper titled ”A concept of ubiquitous system for gathering waste edible oil” which was presented in the 71st IPSJ National Convention held in March 2009. Our president, Koumei Kuroda is sharing the delight with other authors of the paper.
24/Dec/2008 Cyber Creative Institute has renewed the certification of their information security management systems. (ISO/IEC 27001:2005/JIS Q27001:2006)
10/July/2008 Cyber Creative Institute joins “Team Minus 6%” activity, which conducted by Team-6% committee and Ministry of the Environment, as an approach to protection of the global Environment, and starts its corporate base activity.
10/July/2008 Cyber Creative Institute makes donations to Kanagawa Future Fund for Children and NGO ARENA as its social contribution activities.
20/May/2008 English home page renewal
28/Apr/2008 The patent application technology trend investigation report of “Optical transmission system” that Cyber Creative Insititute had investigated in cooperation with Optoelectronic Industry and Technology Development Association is open to the public by Japan Patent Office.
26/Dec/2007 Information management system certification renewal(ISO27001)
25/Oct/2007 Cyber Creative Institute exhibits for the first time at Tokyo Industry Fair 2007 held on 25th and 26th October 2007 in Tokyo, Japan and organized by Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
30/Aug/2007 Cyber Creative Institute announces Report on “Japanese domestic IP-PBX market” which is arranged as the company’s first issue of multi-client type business.
07/May/2007 Mark Spencer, the founder of Digium, Inc. visits Cyber Creative Institute.
02/Apr/2007 Cyber Creative Institute restarts with the new management setup.
19/Dec/2006 Cyber Creative Institute changes the information management system into ISO/IEC27001:2005/JIS Q27001:2006.
01/Aug/2006 The Practical Software Education Consortium is established aiming to share, to develop, to improve knowhow of teaching material and education method for practicing software such as universities by collaboration with industries and universities education, and to spread it. Cyber Creative Institute begins the services as the secretariat of the consortium.
01/Jun/2006 The technical report on Mobile phone terminals architecture and it’s user-interface related technology is open to the public by Japan Patent Office. The report is what Cyber Creative Institute was entrusted from the Patent Office.
01/Feb/2006 Cyber Creative Institute newly opens the satellite office in Yokohama.
22/Sep/2005 Cyber Creative Institute proposal: “Development of the software education training program that can be horizontally developed” is adopted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
25/Mar/2005 The report of “Technology related to MIMO (Multi Input Multi Output)” entrusted from the Patent Office is open to the public.

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